My thai girlfriend is a modern young lady with a lot of temperament (chawp maak maak )

I'd like to understand a little better her hopes, fears, desires, and hangups. We're getting along well, but I thought it cannot hurt to learn a little more about her feelings and cultural motivations.

I've been reading this board for some time, and I wonder whether some of you could perhaps give me a few hints and tips regarding specific things to look out for / beware of when I'm talking to my thai girlfriend.

- Which are her fears/hopes/inhibitions

- which behaviour that would be perfectly acceptable among Europeans could hurt or insult her

- can I help her talk to me about things she maybe cannot talk due to culturally inspired inhibitions

- when does she want me to lead, to be a partner, or to let her take the lead in everyday life?

I'm looking for tips regarding thai ladies, not about ladies in general ;)

Thanks a bunch in advance for any hints and tips!