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Happy Birthday nong Poo :-)

Erstellt von Jiap, 06.05.2003, 08:32 Uhr · 12 Antworten · 1.635 Aufrufe

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    Re: Happy Birthday nong Poo :-)

    Guten Tag!!

    :O Sorry for everybody!! don`t mistake about me, i used account of Kun Skylight (my boyfriend) for repiled.
    At the moment i am living in München already. So long time i didn`t go online but just visited here (Nittaya) frist time since i living Germany but i can`t typing Thai front.
    :bravo: Germany is very nice country.
    :bravo: Thank you again everybody for wish me about my "Birth Day" , I`m so happy!! nice birth day for me.. cause i met "Kun Skylight" already and have a good time with him since in Thai and Germany till now too. I will goback Thai on 27 May. I hope i will meet everybody here if who nearlly München pls tell me then i and kun Skylight will visit u...ok eieieieie

    OK...wish god bless everybody na ja

    bye bye now!!

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    Re: Happy Birthday nong Poo :-)

    Hallo Poo,

    Thats great to hear from you. :-)
    Can you read what we wrote in Thai? I am afraid, you could not read, thats why I wrote you in English.
    Even you use your boyfriend's computer. He can logout and you can login on your account. No problem! But it doesn't matter, if you wrote on the name of "Skylight". Just only for your information!

    I wish you will be enjoy and have a wonderful time here with your boyfriend.

    looking forward to hear from you soon!

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    Re: Happy Birthday nong Poo :-)

    Sa was dee ka !! Tuk Tuk Kon

    Pe jiap ka!! ton nee Poo samad login dai loew ka.

    kob kun Pe jiap mak mak ka te aoy .... hai. :-)

    kho hai Pe jiap + tuk tuk kon ---> me khom suk mak mak :-) :bravo: chen kun na ka , me money cai mak mak :P , sukapap dee dee , te sumkun = souy swan + souy kune douy ja

    Poo : pasa karaoke na ka :P

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