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Erstellt von Blue, 28.07.2002, 03:52 Uhr · 18 Antworten · 2.191 Aufrufe

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    Hello everybody.

    Since i spent my first hollydays in thailand, (August 2001) i am continously about to collect allmost any information available.
    I bought books (and i read them of course).
    I looked for cultural reports about thailand (and tried to understand).
    A friend lent me a book about buddhism. (I started to read it and i will go on!).
    I begun to learn the language. (Really hard, but i´ll try to continue).
    Well. Somebody may call me a fool. It doesn´t matter to me.

    Finally i found a board on the web, to discuss all those things.
    Nittaya is by far not the only forum, serving the needs and interests of poeple who love thailand.

    When i viewed the contents of boards with the topic ´Thailand´ or ´Pattaya´(eg.), i could get mad!!!

    . - The whole Nation is corrupt.
    . - All women are .......
    . - Everybody try to trick you.
    . - and so on...

    This way, no wonder why intl. press, magazines and the internet don´t have better reports available.
    No wonder, why tourists repeat that crap. No wonder about bad reports at all.

    The whole nation is corrupt:
    I haven´t seen yet! One may show me a nation whithout corruption.

    All women are ......:
    You really think so? Who made ...... out of them?

    Everybody try to trick you:
    Don´t you look for profit yourself?. Poor guy!

    Sorry everybody! When i started this posting, i was angry as hell! This because the contents of some boards.
    While writing this posting, i felt better line by line.
    It wasn´t my goal to hurt anybody. But i think, that might have been.

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    Re: Angry!!!

    Sawasdee kha Khon Blue,
    I´d like to join your topic but its such a hard thing to talk about. Those discussions are about the respect and the truth of Thailand. As far as Thailand is still developing. then we would still see these messages as well.
    I will be also disappointed if I´d read those topics, luckly me that I couldn´t read Deutsch. However, I´m glad to see that. at least - there is a one foreigner(its You) feel love to Thailand purely. That is a great deal to make Thai people look back themselve.


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    Re: Angry!!!

    I just read your messages by chance as I was looking for an old topic about the Thai language.

    I´d like to point out that the 5ex tourist´s view of Thailand is by far not omnipresent - there are places where you don´t have to bother these topics continuously. While that wasn´t the case in this forum about half a year or one year ago, the board owner separated these and those talks. So now you can chose wether you want or don´t want to inform yourself in that area.

    Many had fun to provoke the common reader with their posts... But as the common reader doesn´t come across them nowadays (because he has to explicitly chose them), the provokers lost the interest.

    Why am I writing this? I want to welcome you to read German, write German, learn German (although it´s difficult ), maybe even have some fun in that ´other´ part of the forum We´ll always be glad if you do! If you don´t want to bother with ´those´ topics, you surely don´t have to! If you should want ... yes you can. That is what the "Pattaya Board" is for. Maybe some people could learn from you...

    Most people would understand written English, too. So maybe you even want to do that...


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    Re: Angry!!!

    Hi Harakon!

    for this, you might. have ham or bacon and frie egg that;s right?


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    Re: Angry!!!

    excuse me, but I must admit that I don´t quite get the point of what you´re saying. Could you give me a hint?


    Letzte Änderung: Harakon am 08.09.02, 12:23

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    Re: Angry!!!

    Harakon, Did you mean me? if so I wanna thanz to you for welcoming me to join those Topic.
    I would try once....

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    Re: Angry!!!


    I reacted on your post - but of course I ask everybody to have a look there

    See you soon?


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    Re: Angry!!!

    Hallo Harakon

    Of course! I did everytime whenever I read Nittaya Forum. I try to read and write German even sometimes I couldn´t understad exactly. I hope to improve my German as soon as possible. That time I can express my thought in German what the people talk bad about my country.

    I try to learn about your country, your culture and etc.... in the good ways...good things and compare with our culture in optimistic. And I hope you and everybody do the same.

    Jiap :-)

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    Re: Angry!!!

    Harakon, thankz for reacted my post, whatever I do appreciate it deeply.

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    Re: Angry!!!


    To a certain extend I can understand your anger. I also do love Thailand. But each subject you mentioned represents an acute problem, about which one could and maybe should discuss more in-depth. And unfortunately they not get solved by stating “I don’t like to hear it, therefore it is not true”.

    As a matter of fact your list could easily be prolonged. One could discuss about human rights which get violated on a regular basis, environmental problems which should be solved, the latent racism and so on.

    Of course one could say: „clean first in front of your own door before condemn somebody else“

    This would be a good point: but is it really the right way to justify one failure with another one?

    One also could say: „you are not Thai so it’s anyway none of your business“

    This is true. But is it correct in a globalized world, to close the eyes. by facing the problems in other countries just because one not possesses citizenship?

    One also could say:. “if you don’t like Thailand why you not look for an other “hobby””

    I criticize because I love Thailand. If this would not be the case I would not care. A very clever guy ones stated: “just who is criticizing shows that he loves his country, because he cares and not turns away”.

    “Let’s make the world a better place”

    In this sense


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