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Thai Muslems kritisieren USA

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    Thai Muslems kritisieren USA

    Nach dem heutigen Bericht aus der Nation, melden sich die Sprecher der Thai Muslims zu Wort, und kritisieren die amerikanische Aussenpolitik, wie z.B. die Sanktionen gegen den Irak.
    Da manche ja mit einen Militärschlag auch gegen den Irak rechnen, ist die Solidaritätserklärung der Thai-Muslims zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt bemerkenswert.
    Auf die einseitige Unterstützung der USA gegenüber Israel wird klar hingewiesen.

    Man kann befürchten, wenn es den Militärschlag gegeben hat, werden in der muslimischen Welt neue Wiederstandsgruppen entstehen.

    Damit hat das Thema jetzt auch einen "Thailandbezug".

    Call for US to review its policy
    By Mukdawan Sakboon
    Published on Sep 16, 2001

    The United States should review its foreign policy towards the Middle
    East and the Arab world, otherwise there could be more violence,
    Muslim scholars warned at the weekend.

    "The Muslim world condemns terrorism and we share the world´s grief
    for those who died," said Chaiwat Satha-anand, of Thammasat
    University´s Faculty of Political Sciences.

    "But we also have to pause, and think why this violence [the recent
    attack on the US] happened," said Chaiwat, the director of the
    university´s Peace Information Centre.

    "The big question is what America has done to make some groups of
    people willing to sacrifice their lives," he said.

    And his colleague, Charan Maluleem, said the US policy and position
    towards the Middle East - with its strong support for Israel - coupled
    with the tough military policy of President George W Bush, now means
    that the prospect of peace in that war-torn region is negligible.

    "America´s policy and attitudes will solve no problems and there will
    be no way out. What we will see will be more violence and further acts
    of terrorism," he warned.

    Without specifying any incidents, he referred to what he termed the
    "double standards" implicit in American foreign policy.

    Charan also criticised the US for its economic sanctions against Iraq,
    which, he said, had seen many children die as a result of food
    shortages and resultant malnutrition.

    He added that the scenes witnessed by a world-wide television
    audience, showing Palestinians, children and adults alike, celebrating
    after the deliberate slaughter of nearly 5,000 people at the World
    Trade Centre, also reflected the deep-rooted dissent of those who felt
    they had been mistreated by the US.

    While the Western media vilified him, Osama bin Laden - described by
    US Secretary of State Colin Powell as the prime suspect behind
    Tuesday´s attack - was respected by many Muslims as "a man of honour",
    a "gift from Allah", according to Charan.

    Calling for a "more balanced presentation of the news", another
    political-science lecturer, Julacheep Shinwanno, said information
    about Muslims had been largely ignored in the Western media, or had
    been presented in a negative light.

    "Most Western media say those behind terrorism are foreigners, but
    there are several terrorist groups operating inside the US," he said.

    "We have to consider why people hate America in order to understand
    the whole situation," he said.

    He rejected the comparison of the deadly attack on the World Trade
    Centre as a "second Pearl Harbour", on the grounds that this was not
    the result of a dispute between two states.

    The attack on Pearl Harbour by Japanese aircraft on December 7, 1941
    killed over 2,000 Americans - less than half the number of people
    murdered in Tuesday´s terrorist attack in New York and Washington DC.

    The Pearl Harbour raid, later described as "a day that will live in
    infamy", effectively brought the US into World War Two. "By such
    comparisons, it is obvious that the US is still thinking under the old
    paradigm of the Cold War, that the threat to its security would come
    from rogue states," he said.

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    Re: Thai Muslems kritisieren USA

    Damit hab ich gerechnet;
    jeder wo im Süden Thailands unterwegs ist,sollte wissen wo er sich befindet.

    Die Sabotageakte/Anschläge in Südthailand werden sich wahrscheinlich wieder mehren.
    Es wundert mich eh ein bischen das es nach dem Machtwechsel von Khun Chuan zu Khun Taksin im Süden so ruhig ist; oder täuscht das?


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