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    Writing in Daily News this morning, columnist Sumongkol suggested that the war on Iraq would only benefit American and British arms traders.

    ''Who will get rich if America goes to war with Iraq?'' he wrote in the opening paragraph of his article. ''Of course it is the big-time arms traders.''

    As the columnist pointed out, American and British companies dominate the global arms trade. ''The annual US defence budget is more than $280 billion ... and it goes to such big companies as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bell Textron and General Motors Defence,'' Sumongkol said.

    ''Trailing behind the US defence industry are big weapons manufacturers in Britain, whose prime minister, Tony Blair, is ready to go to war with Bush anywhere in the world,'' he added.

    Sumongkol said he was concerned by reports that British arms manufacturers are planning joint ventures with their American counterparts.

    ''With these giant arms manufacturers joining hands to boost production, can the world live in peace?'' he asked.


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