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Ich kam mit dem Regen

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    Ich kam mit dem Regen

    I Come With the Rain - ist der Titel eines neuen Filmes, der dieser Tage gerade fertig geworden ist.

    Der französisch-vietnamesische Filmemacher Tran Anh Hung, bekannt durch die Filme, -Der Duft der grünen Papaya-, -Cyclo-, -Ein Sommer in Hanoi-, letzterer wurde auch mit deutschen Filmmitteln produziert,
    hat nun einen Hong Kong Actionfilm in englischer Sprache erstellt, indem man eine Mischung von namhaften Größen der asiatischen Filmbranche wiederfinden kann.

    ein HK Filmfreundeforum berichtete darüber :

    Thriller “I Come With the Rain” has a cast that packs a major punch across Asia.
    Aug 20 2007 Seven years after his last movie, Vietnamese-French director Tran Anh Hung (CYCLO, SCENT OF GREEN PAPAYA) is making a new film, I COME WITH THE RAIN.
    Trần Anh Hùng (born December 23, 1962) is a Vietnamese-born French film director.
    He was born in My Tho, South Vietnam, and emigrated to France when he was 12 following the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.
    Tran's films include The Scent of Green Papaya (1993), Cyclo (1995) and The Vertical Ray of the Sun (2000) and I Come with the Rain (2008). His films are always complex and atmospheric. Cyclo could be considered a portrait of Saigon, The Vertical Ray of the Sun a meditation on Hanoi. For Cyclo, Tran was awarded the Golden Lion at the 1995 Venice Film Festival.
    Film content is extremely sensational, complicated, it’s talk about Kline(Josh Harnett), a former LA detective was employed to find Shitao(lost son of one Chinese Bilionaire) in HK. There, his friend – a HK Police, help him to carry out his Mission. But their itinerary is so gloomy until they meet ganster’s Baron Su Dongpo(Lee Byung Hun) and his nice girlfriend, LiLi(Tran Nu Yen Khe). However, Kline has becomes distracted because of the past obsession of serial killer – Hasford(Elias Koteas), people make him have to renounce Police occupation…
    And no, it’s not a ..... flick about Korean pop sensation RAIN. Instead, Josh Hartnett plays a private detective haunted by a past encounter with a serial killer and he’s poking around in Hong Kong for a guy who can heal people with his touch. Needless to say, it sounds terrible. But it looks like some more acting power is being added to the cast with Lee Byung-Heon (A BITTERSWEET LIFE) joining as a triad boss and Takuya Kimura (2046) also signing on. Also, Shawn Yue has joined the cast as you can see by this photo of him acting up a storm with Josh Hartnett.
    In addition to Josh Hartnett, who stars as a private investigator in Tran Anh Hung’s English-lingo psychothriller, pic also has Japanese megastar Takuya Kimura (“2046”), Korean superstar Lee Byung-hun (“A Bittersweet Life”) and local star Shawn Yue Man-lok (“Infernal Affairs”) on its roster.
    The US$18 million high-definition pic is about a private detective who, haunted by a past encounter with a serial killer, heads to Asia in search of a missing heir who has the power to heal with his touch.
    Pic started shooting in Hong Kong two weeks ago and should be done by the first week of October, said Chu Chen On, producer at October Pictures who is handling the Hong Kong portion of the film’s shoot. Cast will spend most of that time on location, but also do two to three weeks of interior work at the Shaw Studios.
    About 80 percent of the pic will be shot in Hong Kong.
    Cast was previously shooting in the Philippines for a week and will return to LA after their Hong Kong stint to wrap up filming, which is expected to be in November with a summer 2008 preem.
    Pic is fully financed through French paybox Canal Plus, the British fund Aramid and several French Sofica funds. It’s produced by Fernando Sulichin’s Paris-based Central Films and Jean Cazes with John Kilik executive producing. International sales are being handled by TF1 Intl.
    Kimura appeared in Wong Kar-wai’s mood romance “2046,” but “I Come with the Rain” will be his first English-language pic. He also starred in Yoji Yamada’s period drama “Love and Honor,” a major hit for Shochiku in 2006.


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