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Thailand braucht dritte Hand - "white knight"

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    Thailand braucht dritte Hand - "white knight"

    den "starken Mann" der alles lenkt und reguliert...

    ur problems arise because the public sector is often populated with corrupt politicians as well as civil servants who seek to benefit from the rules and regulations; some even set up their own enterprises surreptitiously.

    At the same time, instead of trying to make profits by being the most efficient in the market place, a large segment of the private sector constantly looks for ways to skirt the rules and regulations, sometimes by outright bribing of those in the public sector.

    At times, those in the government and private sectors even collude to fleece the public.

    To solve the current problems and develop further, Thailand needs a third hand, visible and exceptionally strong, to ensure that the other two set and follow proper rules of representative democracy and mixed economy. A strongman or "knight on a white horse" similar to Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore is often mentioned as that needed third hand.

    [highlight=yellow:9e6f315d1d]But that has been only a pipe dream because every strongman that has come along has turned out to be either incompetent or corrupt, or both[/highlight:9e6f315d1d].

    The alternative is a strong civil society. At present, there are two potent movements, namely of the red shirts and the yellow shirts, that may develop into something the country needs.

    Not NotTheNation:

    ja wie nur - viele wissen wo es haengt, kennen aber keinen Weg raus, es gibt auch keinen "Shortcut", allmaehliche Entwicklung wird's zeigen....


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