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Mong receives travel document

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    Mong receives travel document

    Diese Geste der Abhisit-Regierung ist umso erfreulicher, als das es hier einen Jungen Staatenlosen betrifft und keinen Thai, dessen Eltern man damit für die nächste Wahl eingekauft hätte.

    Stateless boy Mong Thongdee from Chiang Rai has received a document from the Foreign Ministry that will enable him to travel to Japan to take part in a origami paper airplane contest.

    Pirawich Suwanprathes, deputy director-general of the Information Department, said the travel document for an alien was handed to Mong this afternoon by Turapojana Itharong, deputy director-general of the Consular Affairs Department.

    With the document the boy can travel abroad and return to Thailand within 90 days, he said.

    The Consular Affairs Department issued the document to Mong after receiving a request from the Interior Ministry which on Thursday reversed its position and decided to allow the boy to take part in the Origami Airplane contest in Chiba, Japan, next month.

    Mong appeared very happy after having received the travel document. He thanked all those who have helped him and told his friends at school through the media that he has finally permission to travel

    He wanted Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to be the first to see the document, the 12-year-old boy said.

    Mr Abhisit had stepped in to help the boy after the Interior Ministry on Wednesday refused to issue the certificate for the boy because he was not a Thai citizen.

    Mong is set to leave for Japan on Sept 16 to compete in the contest, which will be held on Sept 19 and 20

    Bangkok Post


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