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Justice at last for grandma Hai, 79, in dam compo case

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    Justice at last for grandma Hai, 79, in dam compo case

    auch wieder jemand, die nun erklärt - es wäre alles besser geworden.
    Solche Artikel werden von den Rothemden-Expats gerne übersehen - gibt eine Menge davon. :-)

    The Cabinet yesterday decided to pay Bt1,208,153 to the 79-year-old resident of Na Tal district, along with Bt2,389,142 to Sua Phankham and Bt1,350,922 to Fong Khanjanthra, who were also affected by the construction of the Huay Laha Dam project.

    The money came from an emergency budget, paid at the request of the Interior Ministry.

    Hai said she was thankful for the government's payment, although the amount was not enough compared to the damage done - the loss of 61 rai of farmland, both to water inundation and lack of fertilisers to grow rice since 1977. Hai also expressed thanks to members of the Forum of the Poor who urged previous governments to resolve her case.

    "The money is not enough ... but I am not going to demand more. I am glad that this government listens to poor people's grievances, the past governments did not care about poor people," she said.

    Hai said she would give some money to her children and grandchildren for their career projects,"so that their careers and their ways of life are better," she said.

    Phet, Hai's daughter, said the payment was a good sign for all poor people, and urged the government to compensate the many people affected by dam projects, including those living near Pak Mool and Rasi Salai districts, in Ubon Ratchathani and Si Sa Ket provinces.

    The Nation


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