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Jobs fuer Thai's in Pattaya!

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    Jobs fuer Thai's in Pattaya!

    To those who are accustomed of accepting dirty money remorselessly, [highlight=yellow:89871219ac]go evening time behind Big C North Pattaya with your Thai national identification card for an enrollment trip. The departure is for this next Friday evening to Bangkok (free transportation and free food of course). There, you will watch the Red super show with the super-superstars Weera, Nattawut, Jattu.... and Taki ??. You will sleep in the open (if you can). Saturday you will participate at a warmly parade around Bangkok. And at the end you will be rewarded of 2000 Thai Baht…[/highlight:89871219ac].Isn’t beautiful? ... Thanks Taki! (Please…for your safety, avoid of switching on your camera when you will receive your money)
    Anti Taki , Chonbury Thailand (3/24/2010 8:03 AM)


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