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Sek Loso

Erstellt von Tschaang-Frank, 23.03.2005, 21:29 Uhr · 13 Antworten · 3.278 Aufrufe

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    Sek Loso

    Wer es noch nicht mitbekommen hat.

    Sek macht richtig Alarm

    Rolling Stone

    Ins Rolling Stone kommt man so schnell nicht - mal sehen was das wird.

    Seine neue CD kommt im Juni, mal sehen ob er jetzt den "Farangmarkt" abrauemt

    Auf seiner neuen Seite kann man schonmal ein bissel in die Stuecke hoeren - leider funkt. die Seite eben noch nicht, einfach ab und an mal probieren - sind ein paar nette Stuecke drauf, koennte was werden im internationalen Markt - und wenn es klappt kriegen wir ihn vielleicht noch dieses Jahr nach Deutschland

    Sek Loso

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    Re: Sek Loso

    Danke für die Links Frank.
    Ich hatte hier ja schonmal etwas dazu geschrieben. Schade dass er in Mannheim nicht schon mal einen Vorgeschmack auf seine English -Songs gegeben hat, hätte mich interessiert. Wenn er nochmal in die Nähe kommt werden wir bestimmt wieder hinpilgern. :-)

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    Re: Sek Loso

    Zitat Zitat von Loso",p="227626
    ... Schade dass er in Mannheim nicht schon mal einen Vorgeschmack auf seine English -Songs gegeben hat, hätte mich interessiert. ... :-)
    Hi Loso,
    was ist los - warst du schon müde ? 2 English-Songs hat er doch gespielt ! Die Namen weiß ich nicht, habe mir aber extra nochmal mein selbst aufgenommenes Video angesehen.

    Auch habe mir mal die Samples auf der Hompage angehört - also mir gefallen seine Thai-Songs besser.

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    Re: Sek Loso


    Nachdem ich in seine neuen Songs
    reingehört habe, kann ich mich nur anschließen.
    Bleibe bei der Muttersprache, das ist besser.

    Habe ihn leider nicht in Mannheim sehen können.
    War mir mit den Witterungsbedingungen nicht so
    angenehm, den Weg zufahren.
    Das letzte mal Live habe ich ihn in Pattaya
    gesehen.War einfach

    Gruß NIMRA

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    was passiert gerade mit Sek Loso,


    Züchtigung der Frau, sie stellt Fotos, wo er sich Crystal Meth reinzieht auf facebook

    hoffentlich lässt die th. Musikindustrie ihn jetzt nicht fallen


    Came across this story in the Thai press a few days ago.
    Thai rock star Sek Loso's recently estranged wife of 20 years, Wiphakorn Sookpimay, or 'Kant', set the Thai Facebook world alight a few days ago with a series of posts claiming her former husband is a wife beater, has abandoned his family and kids, has disturbed behaviour and creates a false positive image to the public that is at variance with what he's really like.
    She also posted up a private picture of him appearing to be taking drugs via a bong.
    Apparently she was prompted to do this after they divorced on 31/08/11 and he failed to honour an agreement to provide financial support to her and their 3 children after the divorce. He also moved in a new gf into their house in Soi Vacharapol in BKK, after initially promising to move out.
    Thai Rock Star Sek Loso's Former Wife Takes Revenge On Facebook - Thai360

    "??? ????" ???????!!! ??????????????????????-???????????? ????????????????? FB ?????????????? : ????????????
    ja, Thaifrauen können auch seeehr biestig werden,
    das gemeinsame Haus nicht räumen, stattdessen mit einer neuen (update) freundin einziehen,
    Unterhalt nicht zahlen, Ablösesumme nicht zahlen, dann war Schicht.
    ??????"?????" ????"???? ?????"??? ????" ?????????????????? ????????"???"????"???" : ????????????

    das Video, wo Sek zu Hause den Lennon Song Imagine spielt,
    vermittelt einen kleinen Eindruck vom Haus, dass wohl kaum einer geräumt hätte,
    um es der Ex zu überlassen,

    nur die Kinder,

    die sollte man nie vergessen.

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    With Facebook comes great responsibility
    The Nation

    Thai stars are giving the rest of us an object lesson in social media's downside

    First it was Sek Loso's ex-wife. Then it was the star singer himself, who was forced to respond to her charges of drug abuse, child abandonment and physical assault. After that it was former actress Saitarn Niyomkarn, followed by her boyfriend, accusing each other of physical attacks. In just one week, Facebook showcased back-to-back love-turning-sour stories of Thai celebrities.

    By all indications, the phenomenon promises to intensify and become a long-lasting trend.

    The use of social media for "domestic" purposes is not new, of course. Several months ago, an audio clip was spread to highlight a tug of war over a child belonging to an actress and her estranged husband. More recently, another popular star and singer became a victim of malicious video clips despite her apparent attempt to seek a truce with a foreign man with whom she was thought to have had a brief romantic relationship.

    All the aforementioned cases spread like wildfire through the social media. That was certainly the intent of those involved. In today's world, a Facebook posting can reach thousands or even millions in 24 hours. In some cases, it's better than hiring a lawyer in order to hit back at someone. In other cases, total destruction is intended and lawyers are never an option.

    Society is changing drastically. Facebook is known to have caused countless break-ups in Thailand, after that trend wrecked families in the West. As they say, being a Facebook generation comes with great responsibilities. The responsibilities include trying your best to make your break-up as decent as you can. As things stand now, that is a big ask.

    The Facebook risk is obvious. To be exact, taking any social media route when the romance turns sour carries the very same risk. Once it is out there, you can't take it back. And nobody can help you take it back. Reunion is not impossible even if you lash out at your "ex" through the social media, but the "scar" could be bigger.

    And it doesn't involve only the couple in question. We all find it difficult or awkward to deal with a sudden, drastic change in a person's "status". Sometimes it feeds human curiosity when a friend suddenly keeps posting songs about broken hearts, but when it goes far beyond that, it can be depressing. This is not to mention the fact that a heart-broken teenager's seemingly suicidal message on his or her wall can reach the parents in a matter of minutes.

    Political use of social media has been rampant in ideologically divided Thailand. It's largely destructive, but it's understandable. When ordinary lovers square off through Facebook, the pain can run deep. That's something the "Facebook generation" will have to cope with. It is not that hard to mend the fences with a girl who accuses you of beating her up. It may be something else if that girl broadcasts her accusations to a million people in just one day.

    Facebook at least serves the human need for support when a person is at a low point. It can make one feel considerably better when sympathy pours in even when he or she is all alone in a dimmed room. Facebook allows a friend on the other side of the world to console another friend who has just been separated from his or her spouse. This is a real plus side.

    The catch is, it isn't just the concerned friend. He or she may see the broken pieces of your life with sympathetic eyes but there are others, too, who may consume the news with far less understanding.

    It may feel good when the feeling toward the one at the wrong end of your status update is still soured. But all feelings can change and even the bitterest of bitterness can disappear. If that happens, it can be too late already.

    -- The Nation 2011-12-12
    kann man nur hoffen, dass facebook kein Fall für finfisher wird

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    schade, jetzt beginnt die Isolation

    Grammy terminates Sek Loso's contract
    Just a day after Sek Loso broke his silence about his damaging drug scandal, he learned that his contract with the GMM Grammy music label had been terminated.

    The company's senior executive vice president Krij Thomas officially told the press yesterday that GMM Grammy had terminated its contract with Seksai "Sek" Sukpimai. The termination of the contract, which still had three years to go, marks the end of a 16-year relationship between the musician and the music label.

    GMM Grammy held an urgent press conference yesterday after Sek admitted in an interview on Monday that he had indeed used drugs.

    Krij said his company had strict regulations in terms of drug abuse. "From now on, he is no longer a Grammy member, and after this, it is between him and the Office of Narcotics Control Board."

    The executive, who was a former musician and songwriter in the 1980s, said that Grammy had told all its artists about the company's drug-free policy.

    Seksan has been with Grammy since his band Loso's first album, "Lo Society", debuted in 1996. The band broke up in 2003 and the musician came up with two solo albums: "7 August" in 2003 and "Black & White" in 2006.

    However, now that his contract with Grammy has been terminated, the company will not be promoting his latest single "Sek Love Song", though he will still continue earning from his music copyright, which covers songwriting, producing, singing and arrangement.

    In the interview at home on Monday night, Sek also said that Grammy owed him an apology, though he did not elaborate. He also told reporters about instances of him being stalked and his phone being tapped.

    Krij dismissed Sek's claims, saying: "We aren't that kind of the company. He might have imagined it himself." When reporters asked the Grammy executive if the firm would at least apologise, he said Sek should speak to the firm directly.

    The "Sek scandal" started about two weeks ago in what looked like dirty laundry being washed in public when his ex-wife posted a picture of him using drugs on her Facebook page. The image then started getting widely circulated on social media, though neither Grammy nor the artist reacted to the news.

    The music company had said earlier that it had tried contacting the artist. But that didn't happen, and Sek agreed to an interview, which sparked another round of controversies. Apparently both parties have yet to meet face to face.

    In his interview, Sek admitted that he did use drugs and confirmed that the photograph posted by his former wife was him, though he was not aware that she had taken photographs of him while they were on holiday in Prague.

    "As an artist, I must use [drugs] but I strongly believe I can manage it," he said, though he was quick to advise young people and his fans to pick his better qualities and not use drugs.

    "I am strong and that is why I can handle it," Sek said, as he tried justifying his drug use by naming some foreign artists who are also allegedly drug users.

    Though he would not be tied down to promising that he would go for rehabilitation, Sek did vaguely mention that he would handle the problem himself. He also said he would never lead an anti-drugs campaign, as it would not be suitable.

    The artist also admitted that his former wife's claim of domestic violence was true and said he never wanted to divorce the mother of three until she pleaded for the third time. "I believe I can handle my family problems and from now on I will take good care of my family."

    Despite his damaging scandal, some fans are still providing support on Sek's Facebook page, yet many are also slamming him for his behaviour.

    Young artists, in particular, are worried that Sek's comments linking the music industry with drug abuse might damage their reputations.

    Such a blanket notion is not good as people might assume we [the artists] depend on drugs to produce works," Thai violinist Paye Srinarong tweeted.

    Singer/dermatologist Smith Arayaskul also tweeted: "Drugs are never needed by anybody and there is no such thing as 'we can use drugs and control it'."

    Singer Yong Armchair said a genuine artist can get a high without using drugs.
    Grammy Terminates Sek Loso's Contract - Thailand Forum

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    Oke, er hätte vielleicht verlauten lassen können, dass es ihm leid tut und dass er sich in Entzug begibt, aber so hat er natürlich alles verschissen...

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    Irgendwie bekommt er seit 2005 nichts wirklich hin ausser die Drogenexesse seiner geliebten Vorbilder
    Rolling Stones, Ramones, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors .. die er ja so vereehrt.

    Tim Care hat sich 2004 den Arsc. aufgerissen und es geschafft Owen Morris als Produzenten ranzuholen.
    Morris hat sogar noch “Bonehead” Paul Arthurs den Oasis Gitarristen nach Bangkok einfliegen lassen der mit Sek zusammen einiges eingespielt hat.

    Morris hat dann "I Just Wonder" / "Fly Away" / "Love Is My Religion" / "I Wish I Could" produziert und mit "For God’s Sake" haben sie es dann mal Dezember 2007 es endlich geschafft auf iTunes zu veröffentlichen. Mehr wie i tunes war nicht drin ? - was is das fuerne Promo ?? - ich habe es nicht verstanden was da abging immerhin haben sie das Album auch schon im Januar 2005 !! in Peter Gabriel’s Tonstudio abgemixt !

    Morris hat dann noch ne Punkversion von „Pantip“ aufgenommen und in "Sek Loso – The Collection" 2005 veröffentlicht.

    Irgendwie ist das alles nicht wirklich gelaufen - anscheinend ist der Junge seit 2005 wirklich nicht so ganz auf Reihe !!??

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    ich hatte 2010 mal das "Vergnügen" SEK Loso in Rotterdam zu erleben. Mein Lieblingssong ist "Tschai Saang Mah" und auch sonst finde ich viele sehr gute Titel bei ihm. In Rotterdam allerdings hat er meiner Ansicht zumindest in der Publikumswirkung total versagt. Zwar alle bekannten Titel gesungen-aber keinerlei Reaktion auf die zugegeben fanatische Begeisterung der Thai-Ladies. Keine Zugabe, keine Autogramme etc.-wahrscheinlich auch damals schon zugedröhnt bis unters Dach.Dazu der Spagat fern der Heimat und wahrscheinlich auch ein wenig exaltiert. Stimme einigen Vorrezensenten zu, daß das alles nicht ganz durchdacht ist- eigentlich schade. !!

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