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Yamsaard Hua Hin School

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    Yamsaard Hua Hin School

    hallo erst einmal

    wer von euch wohnt in hua hin und hat auf der oben genannten schule kinder?
    wir wollen im märz 2014 nach hua hin ziehen und unser sohn soll dort evtl. zur schule gehen. mein sohn ist dann kurz vor seinem 11 lebensjahr.

    gruß klaustal

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    As the 1st term has come to an end, I thought it might be useful to list a few good points and bad points about how things went, in my humble and personal opinion.

    Good points:
    The 12 kids in my childs class have all gelled exceptionally well. They are always holding hands (boys/girls) as they run off to play, helping one another with things and sharing things together. The one or two instances of naughty behaviour have been dealt with swiftly and without fuss.

    They are all significantly more confident than in May which can be seen by how they play and and by their responses in general. They clearly all enjoy going to school.

    They have progressed extremely well academically from their test results.
    The school also offers good extra-curricular activities, though more would be desirable.

    The school has spent money improving the youngsters playground and on alot more library books this term.

    Bad points:

    The approaching road to the school and surrounding roads are a complete and utter dangerous, disgrace. The problem needs to be addressed with the utmost urgency before some kid dies coming to school. The deepest pot-holes and mini-cliff-edges are only compounded when it's raining and above knee high rivers flow along a 500 metre stretch approaching the school. The scariest thing is that one can't see how deep the pot-holes are when the rivers are flowing.

    There is extremely poor information sharing. The amount of times I've approached teachers and office staff with questions about open days, school shows, vaccinations, school closures and other events and it seemed I was better informed about it than they, is laughable. They need to find a way to get everyone on the same page. Meetings, memos or intranet email system perhaps! - in English and Thai.

    Lastly, there was once, a brilliant Thai-English liason office worker named Joy. She was friendly, helpful and accountable. Now there is an unfriendly, underconfident, overworked and uninformed pregnant Thai girl who doesn't even look at you when she speaks to you - which is usually percieved as being rude by foreigners.

    Verdict: Could be a great little school. Middle management need to get their act together.

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    Klingt schon mal nicht nur negativ...

    @ Klaustal

    Wie hoch ist an dieser Schule das Schulgeld ?

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    hallo erst einmal

    moin socrates, das schulgeld beträgt ca.140.000 baht im jahr plus die anmeldegebühren aber einschließlich uniform.
    stand sommer 2012

    gruß klaustal

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