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ZoneAlarm ForceField

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    ZoneAlarm ForceField

    ... wieder neue Features die alles Moegliche versprechen!

    Jibbet den nicht schon genuegend Gadgets die den ahnungslosen User vor allem Moeglichen schuetzen sollen?

    Virtual Browsing - Surf in a temporary clone of your browser so anything you do on the web is safe.
    Private Browser - Surf anywhere and type anything without leaving a trace on your computer.
    Key Log/Screen Grab Jamming - Discovers and blocks silent spyware programs from stealing your identity.
    Dangerous Download Detector - Checks every file downloaded from the Internet to make sure it's safe to run.
    Anti-Phishing - Dual engines stop you from giving information to known and unknown fraudulent sites.
    Spy Site Blocking - Prevents spyware from getting onto your PC from websites you visit.
    Website Safety Check - Checks the credentials on every website you visit so you know if it's a safe place to enter data or download files.
    Spyware Flushing - Auto-cleans your web browser memory each time you close it, wiping away spyware and other dangers.
    Seamless Compatibility - Lightweight and compatible with any current security software, runs with Microsoft, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

    Automatic - Surf as you always have - no complicated setup or expertise to run.

    (sorry nur in englisch)

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    Re: ZoneAlarm ForceField

    Wenn du einen Router hast, brauchst du so ein Zeug nicht.
    Noch besser ist natürlich Brain 1.0. Ist sogar kostenlos

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