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Virus über KAZAA

Erstellt von DisainaM, 28.12.2002, 18:42 Uhr · 3 Antworten · 624 Aufrufe

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    Virus über KAZAA

    Es beginnt mit Fehlermeldungen und Hinweisen auf das Programm PgMonitr.exe, welches sich alle Kazaanutzer mit runterladen.

    Wer sich über Google schlau macht, erfährt :
    If you have installed kazaa p-to-p file sharing recently your system is now infected
    with spyware bugs most likely. DW.exe (downloadware) is a bug you get from using
    Kazaa. You will need to download & install the free 'AdAware' program which will search
    out what other spyware bugs you have on your PC. The program is free and available
    for download from There is supposed to be a newer spyware-free version
    of Kazaa out there because once you run ad-aware your version of kazaa won't work

    Weitere INFOS :

    Leider noch nichts in Deutsch hierzu gefunden.

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    Re: Virus über KAZAA

    Habe alle meine Dateien durchleuchtet, kein Virus bis jetzt eingefangen.

    Viruswaechter: H+BEDV AntiVir neuestes Update

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    Re: Virus über KAZAA

    Was hier als Virus bezeichnet wird ist allgemein wohl eher als Spy-Ware bekannt.

    Damit wird Werbung in den genannten Programmen eingebunden.

    Ohne diese "Tools", die man entfernen kann, laeuft dann allerdings die Software nicht mehr.

    Ein Tool zur Entfernung solcher "Goodies" ist AdAware von der Fa. Lavasoft...

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    Re: Virus über KAZAA

    Quelle: 3D Chips&3DWIN
    Die Programmierer haben seit neusten dazu geraten, Ad-aware 5 nicht mehr einzusetzen und entwickeln unterdessen eine ganz neue Version 6, die wahrscheinlich ab Mitte Januar 2003 in den Beta-Test geht.

    Folgende Stichpunkte gaben die Entwickler an:

    1) The 5x engine is old and to keep ahead of our target base needs to be replaced. Are we saying it is bad or ineffective? No. But to effectively and safely remove many new targets and those older ones, which have changed/mutated, we would need to do a major upgrade of 5.83 and it’s reference file as well.

    2) The 5x engine (in its current configuration) cannot handle many of the new targets correctly. As stated in #1, the entire Ad-aware executable would need to be rewritten.

    3) We have been hard at work on that very upgrade, but where this is different is in WHAT we are upgrading to. As many of you already know, we are/were working on version 6. It is an entirely new application; more powerful, expandable, configurable, and to be quite honest, light years ahead of version 5.83. We decided that any further upgrades beyond 5.83 would be more of a waste of time than productive as the coding work for version 6 was already underway. We therefore decided to place all of our efforts into the new version.

    4) As with any endeavor started from scratch, we ran into several delays and complications as proposed features didn’t work correctly or were not compatible with the new version. We apologize for the delays but they were unavoidable.

    We are however notifying you (our customers and the general public) that we have entered into the late stages of beta testing. Except for some minor polishing and some last minute initial bug fixes, we are nearly done and should be ready to release Ad-aware 6 to our customers mid January 2003 and to our freeware users at the beginning of February 2003. Please be patient and we are confident that when you see what we have to offer you will understand AND appreciate the time taken to make it the best solution available!

    Ich setze noch SpyBot-Search&Destroy ein.



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