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gib acht auf deine elektronische signatur

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    gib acht auf deine elektronische signatur

    Bangkok University art historian facing fraud charges dies in detention in US

    Bangkok University art historian facing fraud charges dies in detention in US
    Source: Bangkok Post (5-15-08)

    A well-known art historian, arrested in Los Angeles in connection with a federal
    investigation into illegal of pilfered Southeast Asian art, died
    early Wednesday of a heart attack at a Federal Detention Centre. Roxanna Brown,
    62, wheelchair-bound was suffering from flulike symptoms severe enough to
    postpone her initial court appearance. She was indicted on a single count of
    wire fraud for allegedly allowing her electronic signature to be used on
    appraisal forms of items donated to museums. These appraisals were allegedly
    inflated so that the donors could claim fraudulent tax deductions. According to
    an affidavit, the owners of an art gallery helped an undercover agent obtain an
    appraisal with Brown's signature of just around $5,000 for several items an
    undercover agent has purchased for only $1,500 cash. Brown was director of the
    Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum at Bangkok University in Thailand. She became
    interested in Asian art as a journalist during the Vietnam War and later became
    a leading authority on the ancient-ceramics trade in Southeast Asia.


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