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dann bloggen wir mal ... Vorurteile zur Thai - Farang Beziehung teil 2

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So what sort of men do Thai women prefer? Well, I’ve got another list for you. And this time, it’s not in random order. It’s in order of priority. In other words, most Thai women would prefer guy #1, if not available, then guy #2, and then #3, and so on. So without further to do, here is List #3 in order of Thai women preference:

List #3: Normal Thai women preference in men, in priority sequence


A good Thai man with good prospects.

A good Thai man with some prospects.

A good Thai man with little to no prospects.

Foreigner group I (high status Asian, i.e., Japanese, Korean, Singaporean)

Foreigner group II (farang)

The lowest class of Thai men, no prospects

Foreigner group III (all others)

There are tons of generalizations in this list, but I simply can’t get into more detail, lest the list would be too large and useless. For instance, I don’t go into age, income (amongst foreigners, as they’re all generally assumed to be wealthy), honesty, personality, physical appearance, and the various other categories. Foreigner groups I and II are almost interchangeable, although I’m told that being with, say, a Singaporean guy carries less stigma than a farang guy. But anyways, I’m just trying to make a point. Thai women, by and large, prefer men she can communicate with. So Thai guys have a huge advantage, beyond the comprehension of most farangs. Of course, a normal Thai gal would prefer a guy who she can trust, good sense of humor, good control of his emotions, smart, and so on. We’re assuming all that. But for the purpose of this list, we’re looking mostly at ethnicity. But I’ll say this: if a farang (or Japanese, or Korean) can speak fluent Thai, he’ll leap right up there on the list. So I’m saying “Thai man” under the assumption that the non-Thais can’t speak Thai very well. Communication is simply that important. Think about it. When a Thai gal fantasizes about her dream guy, taking their romantic walk on the beach in some paradise, the sun is setting, the mood is perfect, and they engage in.....gibberish? That’s what she’d have with a farang guy. The Thai gal with her embarrassing bargirl English, and her farang with his equally pathetic Thai.

Thai women are similar to western women in many ways, including their belief in true love. I can’t believe how many farangs have reached their conclusion that Thai women can’t love. Total BS. Thai women do love and do so passionately. Thais do have their own opinions of the ideal mate, attractiveness, etc. It’s built on the same foundation as the west, but yet, it’s totally Thai. I’ve discussed this before in a previous piece, but Thai women develop their ideal of a dream guy through TV shows, magazines, music videos, commercials, primary school, and so on. All Thai, of course. You watch some of these soaps and even the farang-looking Thai guys (the luek kreungs, or half-breeds) all share one thing in common, 100% of the time—they all speak fluent Thai. That makes them Thai. But farangs have been conditioned to believe what they’ve grown up believing through the western media. For example, the western concept of an attractive man. You need to get that out of your head. Because Thais generally do not subscribe to that sort of thinking. I’ve been told more than once by Thai girls that a tall, skinny, pale, spectacled, Chinese-looking guy is the ultimate. Go figure. It’s not just the look, but what the look implies. This guy must be a faithful, loyal, hard-working, from a good family, successful, emotionally stable, and an ideal family man.
So to the question: What sort of women would forego the most important aspect of her being, that which makes her who she is, to be with a man who doesn’t speak her language? I think I’ve answered that. If she’s getting too old, or is too unattractive to find a good Thai man, or is in severe financial straits, then the farang would be a viable alternative. Farangs are definitely not her first choice. Unless he speaks Thai. It baffles me to hear farangs seeking a Thai girl who speaks English. WTF? That’s not a normal Thai girl. And frankly, I can’t stand it when a Thai girl tries to speak English. They .... at it. Well, perhaps it’s because I’m fluent in English and can spot the lame, bargirl English from a mile away. But it’s also because I understand Thai and when a Thai girl speaks Thai, it’s so much more pleasing and proper and polite to hear, or...dare I say, so much more civilized! It’s a shame that farangs don’t get the opportunity to appreciate this important aspect of Thai women—her freakin communication skills! And it’s because you can’t speak Thai. If you don’t have the aptitude or desire to pick up Thai, it seems you’d be much better off with a farang gal, wouldn’t you? Or even a Filipina? This is another thing that I find so bizarre about farang guys. You’re constantly whining about you’re inability to have an insightful conversation with your Thai gal, yet, you’re in Thailand and don’t make an effort to learn the local language. It’s really your own freakin fault, you bonehead!
Of course, if your intent is to bring her back to the west to be the perfect mail-order bride, then perhaps the onus is on her to learn English, or whatever language. I’ve always found this to be intriguing—that is, to take a perfectly normal, healthy, and wonderfully traditional Thai girl and try to westernize her. Why in God’s name would you want to do that? Well there’s enough written about the west and feminism and gender roles and all that, so I won’t add much here. I just love the Thai women’s traditional attitude towards family, children, husband, etc. (assuming she’s in a loving relationship). A good husband, by the way, is pretty high up on her priority list, usually same as or above her own family. Please note the terms “good husband.” That doesn’t seem to be the case with most farang male/Thai female relationships.
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