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Tageseltern in Thailand erlaubt ?

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    bei der Trennung,
    welche Tätigkeiten kann man auf dem eigenen Grundstück machen, ohne work permit,
    und welche Tätigkeiten brauchen eine work permit,

    gibt es noch regionale Unterschiede.

    Beispiel :
    In Phuket wurde ein Ausländer verhaftet, weil er ohne work permit den Rasen seines Vorgarten gemäht hatte.

    Is it illegal to mow your own lawn?Can you clarify the law regarding gardening with a lawnmower and brush cutter? If I use these at my own residence, is it legal? A friend was arrested by police and made to pay a fine for doing his own gardening at his own residence using a lawnmower in late 2010. If it is legal and I am arrested, who can I call to rectify the matter and what is their number?

    Victa Ryobi, Phuket
    Thursday, April 7, 2011 4:10:28 PM
    “Please ask the police who arrested your friend what the illegal act was. No lawn mower or brush cutter is illegal if a person is using it on their own land. There is also no special law forbidding foreigners from undertaking such activity.

    In the case that you contact the police and they cannot tell you which law was broken, you can call and make a complaint with the GCC at 1111 ext 2. The line is open 24 hours a day and the service is free.

    We will send the complaint to the Office of the Permanent Secretary to delegate responsibility to the proper department or division to work on it.

    We cannot specify how long the process will take, as it depends on the case.

    Another solution could be to take your complaint to the local police station.” Thursday, April 7, 2011 4:10:28 PM Sukrit Sitthiboon of the Government Contact Center (GCC) -
    aber selbst in Udon Thani kann es zu Problemen kommen,
    wenn man zB. dem Nachbarskind unentgeldlich Englisch unterrichtet.

     What work can I do without a work permit? - Strict Voluntary services and without any payment.
     Can I give free English lessons in my house to my wife and her friends?
    - You need a work permit.
    - You have to apply for one and most likely get one.
    - In Pattaya is a Christian Institution that established a Foundation to teach English and
    - You may establish a Foundation as well. Sacrifice yourself to the people and pay for
    everything yourself. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior to judge and decide.
    - Always ask Immigration for advice and permission to work.

    The law defines "work" as any expenditure of energy, physical or mental, with or without pay. That's it, so draw your own conclusions. When in doubt, do as the Thais do: OBEY the law, and always remember that you are a GUEST in this country. -f
    Phuket Immigration cracks down on yachting, marine industry

    dies ist wohl der Nährboden manches Denunziantentums in Ausländerkontakten in Thailand

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