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Stellungnahmen thailändischer Behörden (phuketgazette)

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    Stellungnahmen thailändischer Behörden (phuketgazette)

    Thema : verschärfte Kontrolle der Gesetze zum Ausländerbesitz von thailändischem Grund und Boden:

    In Zukunft soll verstärkt kontrolliert werden, ob die thailändische Mehrheit in ausländischen Gesellschaften, welche Grundstücke besitzt, de fakto existiert, oder ob die thailändischen Gesellschafter ihre Anteile über Kredite der Auslandsgesellschafter finanziert haben. In diesem Falle ist eine Enteignung möglich.

    siehe hierzu : Phuket Gazette


    Interessant der letzte Absatz aus Phuket Gazette:
    Local reaction was hard to come by. The Phuket Provincial Land Office was not aware of the new order. However, one Thai involved in the property industry, who did not wish to be named, remarked that it seemed “like a good thing, as long as the application is fair”. He added that he worried that it might be used by some “for their [own] benefit”.

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    Re: Stellungnahmen thailändischer Behörden (phuketgazette)

    Wasserversorgung in Kata

    'No water for 45 days' - what can be done?
    We have been without water in our house for 45 days. Every time I call the Water Depertment at 076-321515 they say the same thing, “Give us your number and we will send someone to check.” But no one ever comes. We are really fed up of having to buy water from private water suppliers – often it is muddy.

    How are we to survive? Please advise us what is to be done. To add insult to injury, although we receive no water, we are still getting water bills.

    Thursday, May 18, 2006 Disha, Kata.

    “Currently there is rising demand from Kata, Karon and Patong, while the basic supply remains the same. As Kata is at the end of our distribution pipeline, supply there sometimes can be poor. At times there is not enough pressure to deliver water, but the supply never actually stops.

    We recently installed a new pump system to improve things, but this will depend on a steady power supply.

    We will produce more water supply from a reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination plant, which will convert seawater into freshwater. The plant is scheduled for completion in June.

    Until the RO plant is working, if you do not have enough supply they will have to supplement it by buying water from private sources. Everything will improve in June.

    As for the water bills, anyone linked into our system must pay a minimum of 85 baht, even if they use no water.

    I do not believe you have received no water at all for such a long time. That is impossible. If that were the case, we would have had many complaints by now, but we have not. ”

    Thursday, May 18, 2006 Pichai Wetrangsee, Chief of Production, Bang Wad Water Supply.

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